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tex flat

Tex Flat

Matt, breathing, water-dilutable wall paint based on acrylate dispersion with excellent coverage.


Colourable basecoat with good coverage for absorbent and porous substrates.
high gloss laq

High-gloss laq

The best paint for an attractive high-gloss effect. You will not be cutting any corners…
satin laq


High-quality, scratch-resistant satin gloss lacquer based on urethane alkyd resin.
wood primer


Universal, filling, and outdoor-resistant (moisture-mitigating) primer and pre-lacquer based on alkyd resin.
tex flat premium

Tex Flat Premium

Non-streak, matte, water-dilutable wall paint with excellent coverage and scrub resistance.
satin laq waterbased

Satin-Laq waterbased

Satin-laq waterbased is a high-quality, water-dilutable satin gloss lacquer based on acrylate technology.
matt laq waterbased

Matt-Laq – Waterbased

Matt-Laq waterbased is a igh-quality, water-dilutable matt lacquer based on acrylate technology.
high gloss laq waterbased

High-gloss laq waterbased

High-gloss laq waterbased is a high-quality, water-dilutable, high-gloss lacquer based on alkyd technology.
multi primer waterbased

Multi Primer-waterbased

High-quality, universal, water-dilutable adhesion primer based on acrylate technology.

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